YouTube Responsive Gallery Help

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin from

Step 2: Add a new YouTube Gallery (YouTube Gallery > Add New)

Step 3: Enter the title of the gallery, and click on "Add Entry" to start adding videos:

Step 4: Enter the YouTube Video ID:

See the section below on how to find the YouTube Video ID.

To add additional videos, click on the "plus" tab:

To rearrange the order of videos, drag the tabs:

Click the Publish button when finished.

Displaying the video gallery on a page or post using a shortcode

Copy the generated shortcode on any page or post:

It will look like:

[YouTubeGallery id=XX]

Player options

You can set the color of the active video's thumbnail, or enable/disable autoplay of the first video in the Player Option section:

Locating the YouTube Video ID

To locate the Video If of a YouTube video, look in the address bar of your browser; it is the part after the "v="